La autoridad de los médicos está en peligro inminente

18-14 Dr. József Tamasi (Hungary): The vaccinated might be saved

Surprise speakers on II. COVID Budapest Conference

18-17 Prof. Dra. Chinda Brandolino (ARG): Annulation of dignity: Vaccines, pandemic, slavery

18-16 Dra. Natalia Prego Cancelo: Repression and liberation

18-12 Dr. Walter Weber (Germany): Medicine during the Corona epidemic

18-11 Dr. Alina Lessenich: Protection from shedding

18-10 Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude (France): The arguments of genetics to avoid vaccination

18-09 Kate Birch (USA): Homeopathic research of coronavirus nosode

18-08 Dr. Aina Bakeeva (Kazakhstan): Persecution of honest doctors by the system

18-07 Dr. Kiricsenko Jelena Nyikolajevna, (Russia, Briansk): Covidfascism and gene therapy

18-05 Dr. Ormay Péter (Hungary): Effect of SARS-CoV2 vaccines in the field of dentistry

18-04 Dr. Judy Mikovits: Reverse Transcription Beyond HIV AIDS: a 2021 update on Deutenomics

18-01 Dr. Bardócz Zsuzsa (Hungary): Transition from the past into the future

17-09 Dr. Lenkei Gábor – Crime against Humanity

17-11 Ertsey Attila (HU) – The Great Reset and our Agenda disguised as an epidemic – Humanity at crossroads

17-03 Fülep Dániel (Hungary): They themselves put the Son of God on the cross again

18-13 Dr. Alfréd Pócs (Hungary): Poison in the vaccine? – Graphene, nanoparticles

17-02 Dr. Heiko Schöning (D) Vice President of The World Doctors Alliance, Vice President of The World Freedom Alliance – Production of COVID-19 vaccine: Who, how, what

17-10 Dr. Dobos Vadim (HU): The inevitable fall of capitalism


Medical Crisis Declaration

Doctors around the world and in Hungary are also announcing a crisis STATEMENT OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY DUE TO INCREASED ILLNESSES AND DEATHS RELATED TO COVID-19…
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