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Based on the experience of the International COVID – 19 Medical Conference held in Budapest on August 21, 2020, we issue the following announcement:

Taking into account the epidemiological criteria in Hungary, there has been no epidemic so far and is not expected to be. In Hungary, the pandemic outbreak was pronounced with reference to foreign epidemics and the WHO. The basis for declaring and maintaining the pandemic is the continuous operation of the RT-PCR test and the search for test-positives. We state that the PCR test, as in its original description, is for scientific purposes only (Kary Banks Mullis), unsuitable for epidemiological use. Namely, raising the number of heating cycles above 65 gives false-positive cases, and below 35 false-negative cases, which allows external control of the result. Only the number of heating cycles required for the DNA polymerase reaction determines who will be positive and who will be negative. The many types of test manufacturers and the differences in the quality of the tests should also be taken into account, as this can also determine false results. In addition, it has become known that one of the primary sequences provided by the WHO is part of all human DNA (https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/04/06/bombshell-who-coronavirus-pcr-test-primer-sequence-is-found-in-all-human-dna/ and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nucleotide/NC_000008.11?report=genbank&log$=nuclalign&from=63648346&to=63648363 ), according to this, it can also be assumed that all the tests fed in this way can give a positive result without any viruses. In many cases, we encounter tests prepared in advance with the virus (England, Tanzania). Due to the loose health checks due to the epidemic, rapid tests with an efficiency of up to 20% can be placed on the market (Dr. Béla Merkely). There are political struggles abroad (e.g. in the US) where the epidemic is used for political purposes. They falsify test results, buy COVID subjects for their statistics with money (e.g. in the US a COVID positive patient is $ 13,000, while a COVID patient on ventilator is $ 39,000 to the competent hospital), but the EU also “rewards” the usage of COVID ventilation machines with thousands of euros.


Therefore, we ask our politicians to only restrict anything in our country only on the basis of domestic epidemiological data, as we never had a supply problem during the massively occurring influenza pandemic. If this is achieved, we will be able to pay due attention to the care of our non-COVID patients.

We also ask for the abolition of mask wearing and distance keeping rules that are not otherwise supported by any valid scientific justification, as the beneficial effects of this procedure cannot be assessed during an epidemic free period. Wearing a mask increases people’s sense of panic, which, according to international observations, raises depression and anxiety, suicidal ideation, and worsens the general condition of severely chronic patients. As the potential harmful effects on children have not been studied, COVID 19-related mask wearing should be prohibited in their case.

We also ask the press not to bombard Hungarian citizens with false foreign data. (For example, more than 1.3 million people took part in a recent protest against the COVID restriction in Berlin, and almost all newspapers around the world spoke to 17,000 protesters at the touch of a button). If necessary, we are convinced that the Swedish model is the way to go, because for the sake of few, the majority in a democracy cannot suffer life-long disadvantages. We offer our work to the together formed, agreed, true purpose leadership that coordinates the epidemic, in accordance with the principles of “our country, our voice”.

Let our Hungarian journey be individual, true and for the benefit of all Hungarians. A very good news about the conference is that studies by prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, based on research in the United States and Germany, have shown that, taking into account immunity by T lymphocytes, the population already enjoys 85% protection, well above the minimum level of herd immunity (60%). Let us not spend money and intimidate our citizens with vaccines that interfere with our genetics, because effective, low-risk vaccinations can only be made within 5-7 years, but not for a constantly mutating virus. Vaccines developed in a shorter time period of that are considered human experiments.

We wish you strength and wisdom to make good decisions, being healing doctors who are bound by the Hippocratic oath, we offer our selfless help!

Doctors and Health Workers on behalf of the Clarity movement

Dr. Alfréd Pócs and Dr. József Tamasi


Thank you for your personal participation, manual and financial support, positive messages and encouragement! Our appreciation to the united and awakening people, professionals! The material of the lectures will be posted continuously under the Conference menu. We are waiting for the awakening colleagues to join! We are also looking for doctors who are not only smart on hidden chat sites, but are willing to argue with us by showing facts and clarifying the right position.

Ez a weboldal azért született, hogy az érdeklődő szakembereket hozzásegítsük a COVID 19 járvánnyal kapcsolatos diktatórikus orvosi és egészségügyi felfogás demokratikusabb, kiegyensúlyozottabban tudományos, a mindennapokra pedig élhetőbb változtatásához. Láthatjuk, hogy a main stream média és a szakmapolitika diktálja azt, hogy hogyan kell vélekedni és ez vezetett oda, hogy a lakosság károkat szenved mind az egészsége, mind a gazdasági helyzete vonatkozásában. Tolmácsoljuk a hiányzó helyzetértékeléseket, a háttérbe szorított publikációkat, az elhallgatott híreket. Összefogjuk azokat, akiknek elege van a csúsztatásokból és pánikkeltésből. Nem célunk a valóság elferdítése, a járványügyi intézkedések ellehetetlenítése, csupán az egyoldalú és félrevezető médiapánikot és az amögött álló, kimondott vagy hallgatólagos orvosi egyetértést, méltatlan hallgatást kívánjuk csökkenteni. Igenis vannak orvosok, vannak egészségügyi dolgozók, akik látják a hamis híreket, látják a valós helyzetet, de nem mernek szólni. Itt ez az oldal nekik is szól, hogy bátorságot vegyenek és megszólaljanak.

Ön írhat oldalunkra, küldhet fontos közleményeket, tájékozódhat. Segítsen, hogy minél több szakemberhez eljussunk.

2020.07.23. Dr.Tamasi József szerkesztő


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