17-12 Dr. Pinkie Feinstein: The Good People Shall Prevail!

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein (ISR)

  • Dr Pinkie Feinstein

    Dr. Pinkie Feistein earned her medical degree from Tel Aviv University and also received her doctorate here. Psychiatrist. He has extensive experience in diagnosing and dealing with special emotional situations.

    He attaches great importance to treatments, but at the same time encourages his patients to become acquainted with the possibility of self-healing through various creative methods and to use it through healing.

    He is not a believer in medication, he only reaches out to prescribing medication in emergencies and critical cases.

    Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, a creative physician, develops the tools necessary to heal the soul. In addition to the conventional tools of psychotherapy and psychiatry, he makes extensive use of his creativity and intuition in the process of diagnosis. Dr. Feinstein developed the method of intuitive drawing. He has written dozens of books in Hebrew and English. He also developed digital practices for his patients to be able to heal themselves and to free themselves from the retracting elements that degrade their quality of life. In addition to his medical activities, he devotes time to training conductors and team leaders according to the technique and method he has developed.

    Following the outbreak of covid19, DR Feinstein decided to set up an independent Civilian Commission of Inquiry to enlighten and rescue people and search for vaccinated patients and the dead, to which thousands of Israeli vaccinees turned and asked for help after receiving support and understanding from the Israeli health system. real attention. The Israeli health authority did not record the masses affected by the vaccination, shirked responsibility and the vaccinated patients had nowhere to go, no one to ask for help from.

    Later, the Israeli media used the method of assassination against Dr Feinstein and the millions of unvaccinated camps, with these virus deniers forming an extreme sect in Israel.

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