18-10 Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude (France): The arguments of genetics to avoid vaccination

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude (France)

  • Alexandra Caude

    Alexandra Caudeis a geneticist, Director of SimplissimA Research Institute. She completed h er post-doctorate at Harvard Medical School, was tenured in 1998 up to the highest title of Director of Research at Inserm. For over 20 years,  her research has focused on how environmental cues are translated into genetic information, specifically in rare genetic diseases that affect children. Her most important results concern the response of genes to nutrients, long-term memory formation, lung repair in children, the identification of a few disease-causing genes, and a genetic mechanism of energetic communication. In 2017, her questions about the urge to developing simple and low-cost health solutions led her to Africa in Mauritius, where she founded a new research institute, SimplissimA, explaining her choice to retire from Inserm in 2019. Through building bridges between ethnomedicine and cutting-edge science, her goal is to bring health to all, irrespectively of money or geography. She was awarded different prizes, including the prize of Nestlé Foundation, and the multi-nation program from the US Eisenhower Fellowship organization. She is chairperson of the French Eisenhower Fellows, and a member of French Ethical and Scientific Committees and various international Boards.

    Alexandra Caude

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