17-10 Dr. Dobos Vadim (HU): The inevitable fall of capitalism

Dr. Dobos Vadim (HU)

  • Dr. Dobos Vadim

    The inevitable failure of the capitalist system disguised as an epidemic – humanity at a crossroads
    Dr. Vadim Dobos, family doctor
    Always the most important question – why?

    By looking for and finding the causes, we can understand what drives people, our society and even our whole world, so that we can logically predict the possible outcome of the processes and predict the expected changes.

    The capitalist system was formed in England as a result of the Venetian bankers who settled here, as well as the Industrial Revolution. Since then, this socioeconomic system has conquered the whole world, creating the first truly global socioeconomic system in known history.

    Analyzing the economic processes of the last 150 years, we can see that the capitalist system has come to an end, because it has nowhere else to develop. His growth and development has always been extensive. The development of capitalism always required the presence of non-capitalist territories.

    When the expected profits decreased, not allowing bankers to repay interest and principal, capitalism ripped some of the non-capitalist territories out of non-capitalist territories, turning it into a colony of the capitalist system, turning it into a periphery. Thus, once again, the extra profit required by the bankers was ensured by the cheap raw material of the new territories and the “slave labour” of the inhabitants.    The above process played out over and over again, starting with the French Revolution, then colonizing North America, Africa and Asia, until the 1st and 2nd century EDF. Through World War II, ending with the encapsgization of the economies of the former socialist states.

    As there were no more non-capitalist territories on this planet, development stopped in the early 2000s, creating a perpetuated crisis that has become apparent since 2008. The crisis of 2008 continues to this day and will not be solved because the capitalist system has come to an end. This is what they try to disguise first by binge printing paper money, and then by lock-downs caught in the pandemic.

    Every social system is about power, about the way power is exercised. With the fall of the capitalist system, money and private property are no longer able to ensure the undisturbed exercise of their power by the ruling class. There are two scenarios.

    One – post-capitalism, in which capitalism goes from extensive growth to intensive growth. Klaus Schwab presented the essence of this transformation to the world in his “The Great Reset”, which deserves a special performance.

    The other option is to create a just and equitable society that finally balances man’s material, spiritual, and spiritual needs, ensuring that all men have a full life according to their abilities.

    Whatever the future, there are two things we can be sure of:

    – no one gets their old life back to normal for the last few decades, because it’s impossible,
    – the transformation of the social system, as ever in history, will involve the sacrifice and sacrifice of millions of lives.

    The responsibility of the people today is enormous – that we decide what we do or do not do, this will determine the future of all mankind for centuries.

    The outcome will determine the extent to which people will wake up and be enlightened, shaking off the lies of centuries-old deceptive ideologies.

  • Dr. Vadim Dobos, family doctor

    In 1994 I obtained my degree in general medicine from the Medical University of Debrecen with summa cum laude results.

    After graduating from university, I worked as a doctor in the general surgery department of the Erzsébet Hospital in Tentaljaújhely for 3 years.

    In 1997 I was in the pharmaceutical and laboratory diagnostics industry, where I spent 17 years in the positions of medical visitors, regional managers, sales managers, marketing managers and business managers in large multinational companies (MSD, Solvay Pharma, Abbott, Novartis, Beckman Coulter, Amgen).

    In 2014, I switched again, starting my career as a general practitioner, so I have a wide-ranging view of the disastrous health of the Hungarian population and up-to-date experience in all areas of medicine.

    Despite the most up-to-date and costly medical treatments:

    • the disease persists,
    • as the years go by, the underlying disease continues to deteriorate,
    • more and more complications occur,
    • patients die sooner or later from the side effects of treatment.

    As a result of the above experiences, I am deeply convinced of the preventive approach, which is the only possible solution to civilisational diseases decimating the population, such as type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension, obesity, or countless cancers and car immune diseases.

    Civilizational diseases, in fact, are lifestyle diseases – they are caused by our modern way of life. Civilizational diseases cannot be solved with drugs. Lifestyle diseases – can only be solved, prevented and treated with lifestyle changes!

    In 2020, I started informing a wide range of the population about a real healthy lifestyle and the dangers of the medical treatments used, through local newspapers in the surrounding settlements, regional TV and Facebook.

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