Protest and Call to Action against the Mandatory Vaccination against the SARS-COV-2

The World Federation of Hungarians with great consternation has learned that, in contrast to long months of rhetoric, the announcement of the ChiefMinister of the Government of Hungary, just before Christmas, and, following this, the announcements of the Prime Minister suggest that, with the participation of Hungarian state authorities, they are preparing the introduction of a “vaccination certificate”, which would make it possible to exert serious, prejudicial discrimination against those people who do not choose to be vaccinated.

The announcement of this intention from the highest levels of government overrides the previous governmental rhetoric. It is no longer true that the introduction of the “vaccine” against the new coronavirus will not be compulsory! That the Government, without any misgivings, would envisage possible restrictions on those people who are unwilling to be “vaccinated”, means that it not only commits prejudicial discrimination against them, on the basis of their presumed state of health, but it makes the introduction of the “vaccine” against SARS-COV-2 entirely mandatory. This intention is unacceptable and impermissible. It is especially painful that this about-face took place on the holiday celebrating the birth of Our Lord Jesus and with him, the birth of Hope. 

It is with our confidence shaken by these events, andadhering to the constitutional order, and the right of “jus resistendi et contradicendi” which was already incorporated into the Aranybulla[1], that we protest against this intention and call upon the Government of Hungary to take immediate action.

1.      It should not support but distance itself. We call upon the Government of Hungary to cease immediately the support of all actions, which, (1) by any means, direct or indirect, would result in the mandatory adoption of the “vaccine”, and (2) would make it possible to discriminate against people by means of a “vaccination certificate”. At the same time, it should make it clear that it would never contribute to the introduction of any such method of discrimination.

2.      Amend the Basic Law. We call upon the Government of Hungary to take advantage of its two-thirds majority in the State Assembly, and immediately bring forward the tenth amendment of the Basic Law, the most relevant of all the amendments until now, which prohibits prejudicial discrimination on the basis of the state of health of all persons. This article of the Law should prohibit any kind of prejudicial discrimination against people who reject the          “vaccination” against the new coronavirus, its mutations and possible new strains. We call upon the State Assembly to place this amendment to the Basic Law urgently on its agenda and execute it as soon as possible.

3.      Approach the Visegrád Group and the member states of the EU. We call upon the Government of Hungary to seek out the Visegrád Group and all the governments and parliaments of the European Union and ask them to take the same steps as the Hungarian Government as outlined above, in defense of basic human rights of freedom and the rule of law.

4.      Consider its veto in the EU. We call upon the Government of Hungary to consider using its veto in the European Union against any measure, which would enable mandatory vaccination of people or prejudicial discrimination against those who reject it. The Government of Hungary, in recent years, on many occasions, has taken advantage of its right to veto in defense of the interests of Israel and its own governmental interests. It is time now for the Government of Hungary, to take advantage of the right to veto, arising from its status as a great power, and stand in defense of the basic human rights of the Hungarian people and the entire population of the European Union.

5.      Examine the existence of the basic suspicion of a crime against humanity. We call upon the Government of Hungary to initiate the establishment of an international scientific body to prove or disprove that the new coronavirus came into being as a result of deliberate and intentional human activity. Until this international body is in place, they should establish such a body under their own jurisdiction. To support the theory that the new coronavirus is the result of deliberate and intentional human activity, Luc Montagnier, the French virologist and Nobel-prizewinner, identifier of the AIDS-virus, in the spring of 2020, made a statement that he was sure that the new coronavirus was made in a laboratory, and was therefore the result of human activity.This suspicion is intensified by all those measures that have made the identification of the new coronavirus difficult and alsothe discovery of effective cures. In first place, we mention that, on the advice of the World Health Organization – WHO – many states ordered a prohibition and restrictions on autopsies.

6.  Initiate the convocation of an extraordinary General Assembly of the UN.

We call upon the Government of Hungary to initiate the convocation of an extraordinary General Assembly of the UN, with the task of declaring any human participation in the creation of the new coronavirus to be a crime against humanity, to be prosecuted world-wide, with no statute of  limitations.

7.      Request a session of the UN Security Council. We call upon the Government of Hungary to request a session of the UN Security Council with the task of passing resolutions, which would make possible world-wide law enforcement in connection with the new coronavirus and place the suspects under indictment. The enabling resolutions of the Security Council’s international examination should also cover those threats against all of humanity, the examination of which is presently hampered, even made impossible, under the pretext of military confidentiality and other points of view. Among these are Chemtrail, HAARP, 5G, the modification of human genomes and the cloning of people.

The appearance of the new coronavirus and the pandemicconnected with it pose a serious challenge to humanity, including the Hungarian nation. This compels us to give up immediately the idiotic, hesitant protection and, in defense of human life, we pledge ourselves to actions worthy of the challenge.

We ask the Government of Hungary to take determined, uncompromising, immediate action in the interest of the Hungarian nation and the whole of humanity.

May the turn of 2020-2021 be of life-changing power!

Budapest, December 2020

The World Federation of Hungarians
World Federation of Hungarians (Magyarok Világszövetsége) – 1052 Budapest, Semmelweis u. 1-3., Tel: +36-1-485-40-60,+36-20-925-8956, E-mail: mvsz@mvsz.huPresident: PATRUBÁNY Miklós István Ádám

[1] Aranybulla – Golden Bull, the first constitution of Hungary, dating from 1222

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