Sorsfordító Napok

Őseink hagyatéka – 2022.03.01. – a hatoscsatorna műsora.

Műsorvezető: Tóth Tibor – táltos
Vendég: Dr. Pócs Alfréd – az Orvosok és Egészségügyi Dolgozók a Tisztánlátásért alapítója

5 thoughts on “Sorsfordító Napok

  1. world wide the vaxx scam is blowing up ….lawsuits , are legio… corruption is uncovered , documents proof world wide criminal acts , of all world financial elites ..

    get active here in hungary ….

    1. probably you don’t know what hungary really is, and what is going on here in reality, it is almost similar rathole like switzerland…. hungarians have no power at all, nor money…. they dont even let near to money and power hungarians, not even lower level… they are still scared from that, maybe they could, would stand up for their nation, land, and they cant let that happen…. the Republic of Hungary has been replaced several years ago, so basically the Hungary you mention, is a very new country, dont have any business with hungarians. Even the law experts from the “right” side admit, the basic law – the 2nd one they created is totally unconstitutional – all kind of gov, corp orgs serving this newly formed “country” (well known worldwide – not in brainwashed, dumb plebs level -, but enough if you see the sports events. no more Republic of Hungary, just Hungary….) they even rewrote the music of the national anthem…. and i am not a citizen of Hungary, they didnt ask me, i didnt sign anything about that, i was a citizen of the Republic of Hungary…. so they stole everything what they could… not simply my life, with their foreigner hole commieunion, worldwide networked legal maffia, but even the country where i was born… so no wonder why i have no rights, here especially, at all, i am not a citizen of this place, but somehow still exist here, and they cant mass murder everybody for the final takeover, killing all hungarians, so let me exist, only exist, not live at all… as i am an illegal migrant in my own country….. huge paradox…..
      what for you fight here, when a legal criminal organization took over everything???????? the best chance, the poison injection kill many of the insiders, but i guess they didnt take that…..

      and dont even know where i could migrate without nationality, money, being part of legal maffias…

      and being active here equal with a quick suicide… cant count how many times i were lethally bully in this new country “Hungary” by alien parasites (and dont talk about illegal migrants), or their local spineless cheaply bought up hordes, horde members… i passively active, dont slave for the parasites, for any hordes – as basically all the same.

      anyway, they are systematically slow mass kill the local population – like everywhere in the west – and replace, just they do it in legal way, as in the illegal migrant way, the locals would awake, what the heck is going on in reality…… i stuck in this “country”, as i couldnt leave the west, but i really vomit from it and have no business with it, either…….

  2. Hol lehet elérni a Dr Pócs Alfréd által mutatott nyilatkozatot? Kérem, ha valaki tud segítsen!!

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