Natalia Prego Cancelo


Since March 2020
when the pandemic was declared bu-reaucratically not medically defined in Europe and much of the world immunosuppressive socio-health measures will be put in place.

What does this mean?
Well, these measures were measures that affected our immune system on a general basis our natural defences.

These natural defences are the best guarantee and the best security that our body has to face viral, bacterial and fun-gal infections, etc.

These natural defences and the immune system decreases when there is stress

Mainly manifested in fear, panic or terror.

Fear, panic and terror which since March 2020 it was established and spread in all coun-tries of the world, mainly in Europe and America, by the introduction of these measures, measures which, in a first phase, were marked by a generalised confinement of the population.

People were indiscriminately locked in their homes.

Sick and healthy people were mixed in the same locations without knowing whether they were sick or they were completely healthy.

The healthy were infected and the sick were left unattended.

Why? Because on television all over the world they said: “if you’re sick” “stay at home”!

This led to the fact that the all-important early treatment in COVID-19 was not carried out and people aggravated their situation and their illness by being treated from the seventh day onwards.

All over the world it was said that you had to to be locked down at home.

This home confinement caused our im-mune system to be very greatly affected, mainly due to lack of sun exposure.

Sunlight provides the vitamin D that is so important for boosting our immune sys-tem to fix calcium in the bones, etc.

Sunlight exposure was extremely limited,
in many cases, none at all,

where people were completely shut in-doors.

As a result of these measures, they de-veloped generalised damage to the im-mune system.

This leads to a lower defence against viral, bacterial or fungal infections,
as I said before.

What happened other than that?

Well, after that confinement there was the use of masks.

We had talked about how that confine-ment had affected our immune system on a generalised level.

Subsequently, masks were introduced.

Masks were introduced with the excuse that we were protecting ourselves from the virus and that we had to use them also, indiscriminately.

But facemasks were never used before usually to protect us from respiratory diseases.

Surgeons use facemasks in operating rooms with open wounds, of course, primarily to protect the patient but at no time has it ever been said, and does any scientific evidence support it, the fact that the masks protect against respiratory diseases.

But that’s not all. These masks greatly diminish the immune system.

Why is that? Because they decrease the supply and the intake of oxygen into our body.

There is less oxygen and more CO2 because much less is released and elimi-nated.

The physical barrier, which the mask consists of, prevents us from integrating and intaking the oxygen from nature, which we need on a bodily level, and which prevents us from the CO2 toxin to be correctly released when we breathe out. This lead to a reduced cellular oxygenation.

And we know that less cell oxygenation leads to less cell strengthening.

This leads to a weakening of the cells that make up our immune system.

Yet another immunosuppressive measure.

The mask also increases the likelihood of respiratory diseases, mainly.

As there is a growth of micro-organisms in the barrier in the airtight space between the mask and the mouth.

Heat and humidity increase the growth of micro-organisms and the possibility of contracting respira-tory diseases increases.

Mainly pneumonias that have occurred since March 2020 in the European and American countries where this measure has been enforced as well as Australia, etc. Pneumonias have been caused by the masks.

This has obviously not been ratified because personal histories and medical records have not been taken correctly.

Mask’s usage has not been a determining factor in medical diagnoses.

But that does not mean that it is fundamental in our lives and in our health.

The fact that we have a cloth that covers our mouths which makes it difficult for us, of course, normal breathing.

Masks were made compulsory, mainly in workplaces.

And mainly during intense physical and intellectual activities.

Where the demand for oxygen is in-creased and we need much more of this oxygen to develop all this muscular and neuronal activity in physical and intellectual work.

Children were therefore affected by this use of the mask in their schools.

And adults were obviously affected as well and in their hard work.

Thus, once again, the immunological sys-tems have been have fallen in their strengthening.

Finally, vaccines were introduced. “Vaccines” that are obviously not vaccines.

Which are not approved. They are only authorized for marketing on a conditional basis.

Conditional on an emergency basis.

A health emergency pathway that was aggravated by all these socio-sanitary measures that governments mandated and, therefore, these “vaccines” did not have the nec-essary time for experimentation.

Moreover, something that had always been a precondition, which was animal experimentation for a long time, was simply skipped.

It is unethical to apply a drug such as this “vaccine”.

Even above a genetically modified medicine, something that has only happened for the first time in history now It is unethical and immoral not to have tested this medication safely on animals first of all.

They have been tested directly on adults. And mainly now on children and adolescents.

There is no justification for this, as chil-dren and adolescents do not suffer seri-ous danger from COVID-19 or die from it.

Yet these so-called vaccines are still a priority for Governments.

Where the marketing and purchase of these vaccines are counted in the millions.

Governments themselves say that these vaccines don’t protect from the disease, they don’t protect from viral shedding and that they are really still under study of the disease, they do not protect against viral spread.

So, once again, a social-health measure is enforced that affects our health and increases the risk of harming us.

What to do with all this context? What to do to really free ourselves from this re-pression?

And from all this endanger of our health and our life?

Clearly, we have to rescue healthy living conditions that doctors and health workers have always been spreading.

Basic conditions, very easy, but very im-portant to be carried out in a disciplined way.

It is necessary to sleep well. While sleeping we restore our energy.

We balance ourselves and strengthen our immune system.

Eating well is extremely important.
If it is organic food, so much the better.

Nowadays, foodstuffs contain a lot of chemical components, additives, pre-servatives, etc.

which reduce the nutritional value of the food and increase the risk of illnesses and above all chemical sensitisation, allergies, etc.

As a third step we would have to talk about physical activity. It is very important to be carried out in a disciplined way.

Physical activity, which in confinement was banned almost worldwide.

We know that physical activity is neces-sary for a good life to increase our immune system and to keep our cardio-respiratory system strong.

The muscular parts increase their strength and consequently, the whole central apparatus of the body, at the car-dio-respiratory level.

But not only that, but our mental health is also balanced and harmonised.

Because when we do a physical activity, sport,

Somehow it releases part of our obses-sive thoughts,

Since the person, focuses on doing an activity because it is very material very physical with a very clear objective which is walking or doing a specific sport.

Every day we should walk at least half an hour or an hour.

Obviously without a mobile phone, without distractions, enjoying the moment.

If it can be done in contact with nature, so much the better.
It increases our defences and balances our stability.

This is something that was also eliminated and banned the lockdowns.

So, we can see that these socio-health measures have worsened our health and we have to restore all that worsening.

Therefore, after sleeping well, eating well and doing the right physical activity, we have to think positive.

And develop pleasant emotions.

This thinking and feeling must be aligned

Aligned with a motivation in life that will give us moments of happiness

Happiness is the state of a person in which endorphin release increases Endorphins are hormones that increase and strengthen our immune system, among other benefits.

But not only that. Happiness motivates us and activates us to take better care of ourselves.

To develop a much healthier life.

So this is very important, at the same time as feeling and having pleasant emotions.

These pleasant emotions lead to a feeling of security, comfort and certainty.

When a person feels insecurity and vulnerability, he/she weakens.

He begins to have mistrust and, that mistrust, can lead to obsessive thoughts and develop neurosis or psychosis. These are major mental illnesses that deteriorate the person’s life.

Therefore, physical health is preserved through these measures: eating well, sleeping well, and proper physical activity.

And mental health is preserved and boosted by all those positive thoughts, those pleasant emotions and those life projects that make us much stronger.

This can, of course, be strengthening with immune-boosters such as vitamin C, one gram per day.
Also Zinc, etc.

They are supplements that do not harm anyone and can be taken perfectly well.

The mask should be used as little as possible and it should be taken off as often as possible.

Actually, if you have diseases you should ask for certificate of exemption from masks.

And if you have significant respiratory distress, too. Because these exemptions, are included in every law in all countries.

Obviously, we have to take care of ourselves and protect our health.

And in protecting our health, we also have to demand our rights.

Demanding that the doctor treats us correctly and that he or she, for example, issue a certificate of mask exemption.

All this means that we must have a life that is as real as possible, as harmonious as possible and as confident and happy as possible.

This leads to watch and read television, radio and press as less as possible.

Television, press and radio are the channels for the dissemination of fear, panic and terror in a daily basis. Therefore, we must be very careful with them.

The digital reality and digital life that is shown on TV has nothing to do with the analogue life and reality that we all live in our environment.

What can we say about people who have lost a family member or have fallen ill?

Of course, they have to go through a very hard grief but in which they have to take care of themselves with all these conditioning factors as well, with all these premises to strengthen their immune system and to improve their life and their health.

And mainly to reduce the risk of contracting any disease, including COVID-19

So, this whole situation is very important.

Finally, to know that the best vaccine is all that security, that certainty and that confidence in life that gives us the help of the people around us.

We need kisses and hugs to boost our immune system.
In the other socio-health measures that were implemented at the governmental level which were also immunosuppressive

Let’s remember that you can’t, you couldn’t, give kisses (or) hugs.

It is not currently possible in much of the world officially but we know that relationships with our fellow human beings with our friends, neighbours and family increases our self-esteem, increases our strength and decreases the risk of such diseases.

So we must continue to relate to each other and we must continue to give love and receive love.

That is the best vaccine. Thank you from Spain to Hungary.
A kiss to all and lots of strength.