Dr. Alfréd Pócs

Presentation: Toxic Vaccine? – Graphene and Nanoparticles

This presentation aims to disprove fact checkers’ (journalists’) argument that there is no graphene in the vaccine and that it is all a conspiracy theory. To this end, we have collected scientific articles on the use, properties, and health effects of the nanostructured material: graphene. Graphene is an atomic-scale, light and thin substance with good thermal and electrical conductivity, but chemically toxic in the body. Research by La Quinta Columna (biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano), by electron microscopy and light spectroscopy, clearly shows that Covid injections may contain graphene up to 99%. If there is poison in the injection, it is a deliberate destruction of health, as underpinned by this paper, considering the high graphene content in face masks, PCR swabs and the new intranasal vaccines. Although the special medical application of graphene may be therapeutic in certain cases, its mass injection is certainly harmful. Mention must also be made of its delivery to the nervous system, where, by its attachment to a nerve cell, mental manipulation (emotional and intellectual conditioning, deletion or creation of memory) can be performed. Its symptoms in the human body are the induction of oxidative stress, thrombosis, bilateral pneumonia in the lungs, loss of taste, or metallic taste in the mouth. By lowering glutathione levels, it is immunosuppressive, so the assumption that SARS-COV = GRAPHENE-OXID is raised. However, we have a therapeutic solution to offer, namely the enhancement of myeloperoxidase (MPOenzyme activity. So the presentation also embraces a solution to reverse the harm done by graphene.